Web Technology


Unit I Web Essentials: Clients, Servers and Communication

Introduction to Internet, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, World Wide Web: HTTP Request & Response message, Web Clients and servers


HTML tags – headings, text formatting, images, Links, lists, tables, forms, XHTML,introduction to CSS, syntax, Text properties, Layouts, Style properties, Introduction to HTML5 & CSS3

Unit III JavaScript & Document Object Model

Introduction to JavaScript, syntax, operators, Literals, Functions, Objects, Arrays, DOM, Document Tree, DOM Event Handling , AJAX

Unit IV Server side Scripting:PHP

Introduction to PHP, Syntax, Integration to MySQL, OOP with PHP, Cookies and Sessions


    1. Web Technologies: A Computer Science Perspective, Jeffrey C. Jackson, Pearson Education Infibeam Flipkart
    2. PHP6 and MySQL6 Bible, Steve Suehring, Tim Converse, Joyce Park Wiley Publishing Inc.


    1. Web Standards Programmer’s Reference: HTML, CSS, JavaScript® Perl, Python® and PHP, Steven M. Schafer, Wiley Publishing Inc.