Computer Application and Data Analytics

Subject Code: CA-6002

Credit – 04 (60 Classes)

Times per Week: 4 Hours in a week

Total: 60 hours

Duration: one semester


  • Unit - I: Computer Basic and Computer Fundamental

    • Hardware and Software. Functional units comprising a typical computer configuration: input/output, fixed and removable data storage, internal storage, control and arithmetic/logic unit. The concepts relating to execution speed, data access times, storage capacities and similar comparative aspects of hardware performance.

    • Operating Systems, Windows, Linux etc. Application software, role and functions of commonly available applications

    • Computer Network Concept- Data communication and network terminology, IP address and its significance, Internet, Multimedia, WWW, FTP, E-mail, and Web pages. Concept of VPNs. Concept of Network security and management.

  • Unit-II: Computer Application Microsoft word

    • Creating and editing documents, formatting text and paragraph, formatting documents, creating and formatting tables, illustration documents with graphics.

    • Creating a web page, mail merge and document merging, working with styles and templates, developing multi-page documents, integrating word with other applications, exploring advanced graphics, building forms. working with charts and diagrams

  • Unit-III: Microsoft Excel

    • Building and editing worksheets, formatting a worksheet, working with charts, working with formulas and functions, managing workbooks and preparing them for the web, automating worksheet tasks with macros, using lists, analyzing list data, enhancing charts and worksheets

    • Using analysis tools, analyzing data with pivot tables and exchanging data with other programs.

  • Unit-IV: Microsoft PowerPoint

    • Creating a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, modifying a presentation, inserting objectsinto presentation, finishing a presentation, working with advanced tools and masters, enhancing charts, inserting illustration, objects andmedia clips, using advanced feat