Dynamic Web Designing



This course the basic principles and application of various technologies used in creation of dynamic web content.The target is to enable a student to utilize web technology in Bioinformatics

Unit -I Introduction to Perl:

Scalars, Lists, Arrays, Subroutines, Input & Output, Hashes, Regular Expressions, Control Structures, File & Directory Handling, Strings and sorting, Process management

Unit II Object Oriented Perl and Perl References

Perl Modules & Packages, References, Introduction to objects, Perl objects, Bioperl, PERL CGI – GET & POST Methods

Unit III HTML, XML and JavaScript

Basics of HTML tags – Document tags, paragraph and lines, Lists, images, links, text, tables, forms, CSS, XML Basics, XML syntax & Applications, JavaScript Basics, Variables, subroutines, event handling, form handling


Introduction to PHP, MySQL basics and Database Integration , Building web applications using PHP and MySQL



    1. Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics - James Tisdall Buy

Reference Books:

    1. Learning Perl, 6th Edition, R. L. Schwartz, Brian d foy, Tom Phoenix , O'Reilly Publications
    2. Perl Programming for Biologists, D. Curtis Jamison,John Wiley & Sons Publications
    3. Web Standards Programmer’s Reference: HTML, CSS, JavaScript® Perl, Python® and PHP , Steven M. Schafer, Wiley Publishing Inc.
    4. PHP6 and MySQL6 Bible, Steve Suehring, Tim Converse, Joyce Park Wiley Publishing Inc.